Ben MarshallPIANIST

    Ben has been interested in music from a very early age being from a musical family. Ben tinkered on the piano since he was a toddler and started leaning guitar at the age of 13, playing in many covers and original bands since 15 of many different genres. Keyboards became a second instrument in 2006 and these days he considers it his main instrument.

    Ben was introduced to Queen around the age of 6 when his folks had a copy of The Works on vinyl, Ben has been a fan ever since acquiring every subsequent album and back tracking after hearing Greatest Hits 1 at the age of 10. In Ben’s opinion there will never be another band like them and their music is great fun to play.


    Born: Born 11th April 1980

    Star Sign: Aries

    Loves: Music, music and music….and a bit of comedy!

    Hates: Liars and fascists.

    Music Likes: Queen, Beatles, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Stevie Wonder…too many to list!

    Music Dislikes: Anything with auto tune or Simon Cowell related.


    • Nord stage 2
    • Roland Juno-D
    • Microkorg vocoder

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