My wife and myself attended your gig on Saturday night at Exmouth.
We were completely blown away by your consummate musicianship and showmanship.
I was fortunate enough to see Queen 4 times in my life and can tell, you certainly did Freddy and the boys proud. You gave an outstanding performance which made a great deal of people very, very happy.
Will go to see you again and again. Just a small footnote, I didn’t think you would play it as it is not one of their most played but, boy was I happy beyond belief when the Guitar intro to “Now I’m here” started. Love it, love it, love it.
There is nothing and I mean nothing, as exciting as live music played well and with a passion. You have it all in abundance.
Keep rocking. I’m in my mid sixties and have absolutely no intention of stopping.
Gary (OZZY) Smith.
I think you can guess who OZZY is.

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