Now I have been a Queen fan since 1979. I have seen Queen live and seen Brian & Roger 3 times (The Cross)
Now I know Freddie can never be replaced ‘ever’…but as a next best live thing and feel, these boys pulled it off pretty well. If you expected to see Mr Mercury himself, it will never happen. So once again, I emphasise that this band and sound is probably the next best sound that will bring you closest to that Queen feel and sound and movement. The stage reminded me of the Hyde Park gig stage, and then the We will Rock You reminded me of the 1977 live in Texas version. Here is just samples of the band ‘Queen on Fire’..but well worth the visit to recapture the Freddie with Queen experience. If your a younger fan, trust wont get better than this now that Freddie is no longer around in the flesh to see.


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